Holders - multimedia microstories

During the project, we have cataloged over 12,000 books, which previously belonged around 2000 unique owners - private individuals and institutions. In continuation of the project, we finding more about who were the people and institutions that originally owned the books. We prepared text microstories about selected 20 owners. In collaboration with students of Masaryk University Division of Information and Library Studies we transitioning texts into more interesting forms of media. Here you will find microstories as infographics or series of pictures with comments.

Published on 4 October 2016

Czech Women’s Manufacturing Society

Author: Nina Seyčková

Historical circumstances led to the fact that women's education has become a burning issue. Many women lived without men and women have had to start learning how to make a living. So Czech Women’s Manufacturing Society was founded. One of the main activities of the society was the establishment of a trade and industrial school where they can get an education also women from poor families who did not pay tuition. Infographics clearly and concisely depicts the circumstances of creation of the women's movement, the reasons for founding the association, represents the success of the school and at the end shows the data and information about library.

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